Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roses and Cabbage Patches

Today I wanted to say something about the sheer beauty of life. Something about slanting sunshine, scraps of fabric and fallen petals. The reasons I love quilting and gardening and playing in the sandbox with my kids. But I decided it had all been said. Or the words weren't there for me because the breathless joy of it is (shockingly) beyond my vocabulary today.

So I thought I'd introduce you to another of my wonderful neighbors and her new baby. At 10 and a half pounds, he was huge and healthy and gorgeous in the June heat.

The only thing this photo can't do is share with you the new baby scent. Remember when yours used to fall asleep with that much abandon? When your own baby moved from deep-breathing sleep to snorting and chortling starving anger in one breath? Manoman I miss that. Almost enough to forget the sleeplessness of the mommy... almost enough to forget how the advice to sleep when the newborn sleeps seems irrelevant because all you really want to do is watch the baby's eyelashes grow.

Can't you almost feel the delicious weight of that little one on your arm?
I wish Jamie lived a little closer.


Simply Stork said...

awww just look at thosa beautiful chubby cute :o)


HP said...

Oh yeah, I am so happy for her!