Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a FIG, People!

Actually, there are two baby green figs on my new baby green fig tree. Never were newborn twins so coddled. I murmur to the fig tree sweet encouragement. I water it twice a day. Yes, you're reading the blog of a fig whisperer. Also: Woe unto the bug or bird who attempts to harm my fig tree. There will be an occasion for pesticides. I'm just sayin'.

Forty or fifty feet in the air climbed my sweet husband. I held the ladder and my breath.

For this. The horses are mystified. Two Spot swings his big ol' head back and forth like a candy bar commercial while Dolly turns her back in disgust. Who'd want to ride a board on a rope when you have a perfectly good (relative term alert) Shetland pony? Um. The Suite girls, that's who.
Even me. Although my skirt flew up in a most compromising manner so I won't be sharing any of those photos. Trust me. It's for your own good.

That? That's just the greenest field in Oregon. As I was driving home from a grain run (some girls have beer runs; I have grain runs) I pulled over (to, thankfully, no complaints as I was miraculously a-lone) and had my own little photography field trip. Field? Get it?
Don't mind me. I'll go talk to my figs.


Amydeanne said...

a fig tree! i'm jealous! how cool is that?? someday.. well.. probably too cold here for that!

HP said...

glad I am not the only one who pulls over randomly for field trips! so jealous of your swing.

Misty said...

ok... a fig tree. this is the coolest!

you live in the dreamiest place on the planet. This has to be true.

Carolyn said...

My MIL has a fig tree. I believe they are the most wonderful fruit on the planet.

No amount of spoiling is too much for your little tree.

QuiltedSimple said...

Ummm...there is such a thing as a "good shetland pony"? Wehn you find one, let me know. Love the swings - and the smiles of your girls. What a great field trip on your grain run - much better than a beer run.