Friday, June 26, 2009

Change the oil and vinegar, please

We pick up the two big girls from sleepaway camp today. Hurray!

I have been having the strangest anxiety dreams. This morning in the wee hours I insisted the fast-food drive-through window should accomodate my request to change the Suburban's oil and vinegar. The customer is always right. And dream visualization was all the rage a while ago. But I may be pushing it.

I crack myself up. Even in my sleep.

Today is also Grace's last day of vacation Bible school. The church across the road has been hosting it all week. She thinks the big girls are missing out. It has a game show theme and is loud and rowdy -- exactly Gracie's cup of tea. Each day there's been a different wardrobe challenge to get the children ready to act goofy. Grace is all about the goof. Crazy hat day, check. Backwards and inside out day, check check.

For the final day of VBS they asked the children to wear mismatched items. I think Grace has that covered.


In fact, each and every morning she's been ready to go without any prompting from me. She checks her assignment and lays out her nutty attire the night before, all excited that she won't be alone in wardrobe goofiness for the next day.


I think the VBS is on to something.


Now if only I could get Burrito Amigos to change the oil while I'm grabbing lunch.


HP said...

she is the cutest thing! we would have gotten along well as children, I have been known to mis-match a bit in my childhood :0

Barb said...

Oh, I love this. I think we should all dress like this EVERY day! Don't you think "normal" clothes are so boring?