Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Lonely Beach Blanket and Other Tales

We returned home from a whale-watching (clam chowder) trip to spend a sunny Sunday shoveling two tons of gravel.

What do you call "we" when it doesn't actually include you?

You know, because the Royal We is of course meant for when one is too grand to just be "me."

Maybe the peasant "we" is when your husband shovels all the gravel and you actually just spend Sunday looking through the 349 pictures you took the day before.

The perfect, measure-all-other-days-by-it Saturday was otherwise known as 12 hours of picnic deliciousness, perfect weather and family harmony.

Unless you count the few-and-far-between moments of sass.

It really wouldn't be the Suite family without some sass. And at least one pair of cowboy boots.

Just look at that blue sky. And that baby. She learned to say "shell" yesterday. Then she said it nonstop today. It didn't seem to relate to any shell sightings while we watched Daddy shovel gravel. Ah, the genius of my children. Or maybe that's early sass. It's hard to tell; she just turned 1.

It's all fun and games until someone gets wet.

And then it's a lot more fun and games.

Poor lonely beach blanket.


Barb said...

Those are great photos. I'm glad you passed on shoveling gravel (and dude, with you hip, had you not, I'd be scolding you.) (It's not a Barb comment unless someone gets scolded.) (Parenthetically.)

Great post, M.

Misty said...

lovely beach shots! i am super jealous... i love me some sandy toes, even if it's 12 degrees outside.

electric bicycles said...

So happy!!! I want to go to sea,too!!!

Katie said...

WOW! What amazing pictures!

gina said...

That looks like a fabulously fun day at the beach! we are counting down to beach days here- probably just another 6 months or so. ;)

Alexis said...

LOVE these photos!!! I enjoy it when you share your days with us :) I feel like I got to go along. Now my toes are dirty. Hmph!