Monday, January 12, 2009

Clucking Good Time

The hens were in a tizzy. I know this isn't exactly a portrait of backyard bird bliss, but you'll soon see why the "girls" were so flustered.

A New Year, a clean coop.

Oops. And a full boot.

All of the shavings (and whatever else) from inside the coop went straight onto the compost bins. See how clever it was of my husband to place the compost just between the chicken yard and the garden? I am anticipating some great gardening this year.

We started a few flats of seeds. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, Swiss chard and butter crunch lettuce. All the cold-season crops that last year I had to buy as seedlings -- it makes me feel so thrifty. I will put these out in a couple of weeks in the new cold frames that my husband built for me over the weekend.
Until then, my kitchen table and the pumphouse floor are crowded with crops in waiting. We spritz them every morning and speak encouraging words so they'll sprout. Next year, maybe a greenhouse will be on my Christmas list.


Barb said...

I really do want a greenhouse and soon! I hope it won't be wasted on me--I never know the timing of things so I'm always too late to plant seeds or too early in planting stuff in the ground. you should write a book with instructions on this hobby farm thing...

Katie said...

I'm with Barb I want a greenhouse.

Wait a minute...Oh yeah I already have one, it's just full of chickens.

Amydeanne said...

I started my wishlist for seeds, but we wont' get to start for quite a while. and chickens! I'm joining the clucking ranks shortly! Hubby is building a chicken coop!