Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brave Little Celery

Brr... cold.

We have been experiencing a dry, cold January in our little farm village.

The power outages have been minimal compared to the other winters we've spent in this house, but as remote as we are, we are always prepared. The five-gallon containers of water are in storage. The generator stands ready to hum away the chilly blues. What else might we need for survival, my husband asked the girls one wintry day.

I give you Madeleine's "MacGyver List," second edition. Her first edition included the Suburban, her teddy bear and a cooler full of food.

She didn't exactly get the essence of minimalist survival embodied by MacGyver: You know, the list of what to carry in your pockets in case you're locked in a basement or cargo boat hold and need the end of a matchstick and a paperclip to secure your safety. Her second go-around was hardly more compact; in fact it got bigger and more complex. Because that's how we edit around here.

Magivers Kit
Things we'll need:
flashlight batterys
hot hands [these are chemical hand warmer pouches my husband takes to football games when the girls go along]
bottled gas (generator car + things)
matches [double underlined]
flashlight in every room incase of emergency
homad bread (before power goes out)
check propane ? for gas stove CHECK
hot cocoa mix, powdered milk, sugar, choclat powder [she's my daughter alright]
bottled water
buckets of water
board games
SURVIVE [with an illustration of a mountain climbing stick figure on a snowy peak that sprouts out of the "U."]

That's what the celery is doing under its thick layer of mulch.


QuiltedSimple said...

Madeleine's List sounds good to me - although I'd probably add more food:) Glad your power is still on!

Katie said...

I have been in love with the "Magiver" list idea since you first told me.

And yea, my celery is sprouting too.

Krissi said...

I too can't wait for spring. Your celery pictures are putting me in a mood for gardening. :)

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