Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Weather Girl

Alright already.

I go and pray for rain, and we get more beautiful sunshine.

It's been made clear (hah hah) how much my opinion matters in the arena of weather around the farmette.

In homeschooling news, we have given Grace Hannah a new job. She was feeling a little bit left out. Madeleine and Sarah have such big books and computer time and chess class and, you know, chores. When you're 4, those items can look glamorous. So Grace is the Weather Girl.

It's a catchy title that really doesn't begin to cover her duties as my helper. First thing in the morning she gets dressed while the "big girls" are getting dressed. Then, while they are out gathering eggs (yes! eggs!) and tossing hay toward hungry horses, she marches directly to the big bulletin board.

A couple of weeks ago, I scored a super-cute vintage church feltboard on casters. It's about five feet tall, and is made of wood that's painted robin's egg blue. I painted the back of the felt board area with blackboard paint and WALLAH (yeah, I know, it's "voila," but I like to say WALLAH like that) we have a bulletin board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Wallah. Only not on the wall. I'm a little off the wall right now, aren't I?

Grace's bulletin board duties are to change the date and the weather report. She can choose from "sunny," "partly cloudy," "cloudy," "snow" and "rain."

If you were Grace, you might be tempted to look outside the windows before reporting the weather. We have six windows and full-glass double French doors in the great room. It's kinda hard to not look out the windows.

But, then again, you might just cock your little head to one side, consider all the choices, and choose "sunny."

Your mother might remind you to look outside, and then you'd see the early morning clouds, and with a determined face, pin up the "sunny" card.

So all the sun-lovers in Oregon can thank my daughter Grace. It's a big job, keeping that sun shining.


Amydeanne said...

lol she should come here and do that for me too!

Christine said...

I love your blog!! I came across it on Mormon Mommy Blogs! You are living my dream!!! well all for the homeschooling part!! hehe! I would love to live on a Farm! and raise my kids in the country! Beautiful!

Katie said...

Hey! I need a weather girl.

Does she do house calls? LOL

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

Thanks Grace, I'm your biggest fan!!

Ginger said...

You go Gracie. You are the best weather girl there is. Your job is far more important that what your big sisters do.