Monday, October 27, 2008

Today The Well Went Dry

We've been having the longest run of gorgeous, clear fall weather. We moved Seven to a nearby stable in September so she could have a stall and stay pretty for the 4H season, but it's been hardly necessary. In fact the perpetual sunshine has made it possible that she is "out to pasture" more than she's in the stall.

The barn pictured above is just a stone's throw away from us as well. Isn't it pretty in the autumn light?

At this point I'd prefer some stormy Oregon rainclouds. The fall foliage is getting on my nerves, frankly. All those leaves oughta be knocked down by some raindrops already.

Today we all suffered a little sore throat and general malaise. Don't you just look for a reason to use the term "general malaise" in everyday language? Yeah, me too.

So one of the best things about homeschooling is... no need to call the cranky school secretary and be made to feel all overprotective in the face of a mere head cold. I actually cannot count the impressive number of times I was hesitant to call to report my children were staying home. I felt naughty and reprimanded. I felt as though I ought to have more authority, as though I were asking permission to keep them home when they weren't feeling well.

Indeed, I felt pressured to make up better symptoms ala Ferris Bueller. I'm not saying I did. I'm just saying:

"No, Nurse CrankyPants, there's no fever. No, no diarrhea either. She's just not up to it. Yes'm, I understand she's allowed to come to school if it's just a runny nose. "

But when you're homeschooling? A sore throat with no other significant symptoms can mean spending all day setting up the Breyer horses in the den. A little painting, a little reading, let the chores go for a while and just play.

It's a good thing we didn't run the dishwasher or washing machine, as it turns out. Because when Sarah went to climb into the tub before bed, the water was a thin trickle.

I wish it would rain. It would be a good excuse for more indoor play days at the very least... and it would replenish our thirsty well.


Katie said...

Did someone leave the water on outside again? Is it really just "dry"?

Hmm, I am actually LURVVING this sunny weather and am dreading the gloom and doom of the monsoon season.

Hello, Missus Crabby Pants.

Amydeanne said...

love the pic of the barn!
and ours hasn't gone dry yet.. but if we don't run it sometimes in the winter it freezes!

Ei said...

I actually quite like calling the school secretary and seeing how grossed out I can get her by describing the kidlet's "malaise." It took the phrase "snot volcano" yesterday to get her to hang up. Snicker.

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

I'm with KL on this one... the rain can stay away as long as it likes at our house! When it rains around here, we all have to run for higher ground!