Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Atypical Day

So the other day was my birthday, and on that day I had the pleasure of writing up our typical weekday.

But as all moms (oh, please, say I'm not alone) may recognize, the sweet serenity of a stay-home mother's life is often spiked with moments that cause her to mentally shriek, "serenity now!" Alternately, "Calgon, take me away." Also, "Can Mommy have a minute?" The list could go on.

I like to think the screaming mimi pictures are funny. But as I noticed when I first viewed the little ballerina portrait above, it sometimes takes a little distance before the hair-pulling craziness of a moment like that is fodder for giggles.

Today was a day like that. I had nary a quiet thought. We woke at the same time as usual, we had breakfast at the same time as usual. We had a school session and we ate lunch. The girls helped me clean the kitchen and shovel out the Suburban.

My sister visited and played with the baby. The autumn sun was thin but bright; the leaves are turning quite satisfactorily and the frost is on the pumpkins. I have a chicken in the crockpot and an acorn squash in the oven, smothered in butter and garlic. Dinner smells delicious and the chickens all offered us beautiful gifts this morning... that's seven eggs today!

So why did I feel all day like Gracie looks in that picture?

Sigh. Sometimes the poetic perspective on the mundane is elusive. Sometimes the everyday is just so every day. Sometimes my temper is too short and I wish I were kinder, more patient, and thinner. (Yes, I said thinner.)

Okay, whining aside, I must go look for my rose-colored glasses.

***MY WORD!***

Edited to add:

There is nothing wrong with me that a couple of Margaritas and a night out on the town with good friends wouldn't fix.

Here is how today went:

Oatmeal spilled on my slipper, the whole hot pot/Dog went to work with husband but neighbor says he's breaking into her back yard right now/Call from the insurance rep about something dire/Three diaper blowouts and a spitup in 20 minutes/Computer crash/Cut my own bangs ill advisedly (is there any other way to cut one's own hair?)/Satellite TV is off and I'm having HGTV withdrawals.

Don't you feel better knowing it's nothing serious?

Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled hobby farm homeschool fun.


Barb said...


Happy Belated Birthday?

Right there with you on (in?) the hot pot.

Katie said...

Oh you are such a whiner!

Whine, whine, whine.

HARdy. HAR. Har. pfft!

Should I make a pitcher of Margarita's for tonight??

Misty said...

happy belated birthday... I am with you on the little things which just add up... I need a margarita fest, with the girls or not.

Ei said...

Oh honey. I so know what you mean (even though I'm NOT a SAHM). I've learned that if I hear myself say "Boys? Mommy space?" more than 3 times in a half hour, my voice rising in pitch each time...I have to go have a soak in the tub. Required actually.

Happy birthday. :) Hugs!

HonuGirl said...

Ohhh -- isn't that Calgon calling your name? Better answer quick and then take a long break to the sweet aroma of the good life!!

Hope peace returns swiftly - a belated birthday wish for my friend!

Mu-ah! <3

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Ooof. What a day.

And? Happy belated birthday!

October girl! Me too! Yay!

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

I often feel like that little face feels! Like, right now, for example!

And Happy Belated Birthday, my friend! I am glad I finally decided to get on here and look around before November showed up.