Monday, October 6, 2008

Like Butter

We don't believe in margarine at Farm Suite. Say what you will about cholesterol and the size of my jeans, but we think butter is better. Especially when baking:

Over the weekend, Laura discovered herself in the mirror. Now she requires someone to hold her in front of it for minutes on end. Whoever said babies have short attention span didn't meet this girl and her reflection. The big girls don't mind amusing her because it gets them out of the kitchen:

One Suite sister who's not helping with the autumn food preservation effort is cute enough to get by with goofing off:

This one helps a lot. And like the Little Red Hen, she's prepared to share with those who were otherwise busy:

But Sarah may eat all the strawberry jam by herself. She labeled them "Sarah's Strawberry Jam." In case there was any doubt:
Next to tackle:

Gracie's Grape Jelly? It has a nice ring to it.


Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

I'll take one of each thanks!! Actually, I think your girls are so cute they should never have to do any work at all. hehehe (But only when they are at your house, not mine!)

HonuGirl said...

Oh thank you! Being a fitness Queen (so says my trainer) I have been hiding my need for real "butter" -- I'm happy to have good company in my tastes for the good stuff.

Not to mention the yummy preserves, adorable assistants & such ... my boys and I are missing out on so much.

*sigh* miss u my friend!!

Katie said...

Umm, do I dare comment. Will I be deleted again? Yeah, sure. Sure. Accident, schmaccident. LOL!

Well. I better be gettin' an apple pie and some jam for Christmas, that's all I will say about that.

Did you make any cheese?

Toni said...

More power to the butter! You can always tell the cookies not made with butter - blech!

Hey, can I come for an extended visit to your house?