Friday, March 2, 2012


 I wish every last one of you could have been with us on our weekend in Portland.
Except... it was kind of nice to just spend time with Mr. Suite. 
 While he indulged my every whim. It was an "as you wish" kind of weekend.
 And even this shopping-averse farmgirl enjoys the city now and then.
Look how thoughtful the fabric store was to make a waiting area for the patient husbands.
 Portland is just so... yummy.
 And quirky and fun.
 Sometimes not my style, but still impressive.
 Oh, Hippo Hardware, how I love you.
You light up my life. (Couldn't resist.)

Between Hawthorne and Sellwood neighborhoods
I took a few dozen inspiration pics for our new old farmhouse. This one has similar lines to ours.

 A teahouse in a caboose! If only the girls could've been there. 
Except, I remember again, it was kind of nice to be alone with my husband.
 Right before we left I had decided to see whether wheat might be contributing to my arthritis symptoms.
But when you're eating at Bread and Ink restaurant, 
Noah's Bagels, Central Bakery, Bijou and Papa Haydn's....
You eat bread.
At least I do.
 No trip to Portland is complete without Powell's.
This time it was so incredibly busy that I didn't get that "home away from home" vibe.
Still I managed to blow the book budget. On both visits to the store.
 We didn't go by train.
Maybe next time. With the children.
 I couldn't resist the house of lolo.
Since we have a lulu of a Lolo of our own.
And this? Just one of many surreptitious shots stolen in Anthropologie.
Also? Planning to hack it.

Thanks for coming along on a bit of a recap of my romantic weekend away. 
Mr. Suite took photos of omelettes and other important subjects.
I just share the good stuff with you.

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Katie said...

Totally planning a chick day at the Caboose! So glad you had such a lovely time with the Mr.