Thursday, February 23, 2012

High and low

Busy-ness visits us here at the Suite farm. 

It seems periodically I find myself in a mess of multiple and double-booked appointments, frantic mornings and exhausted evenings. Yes, it turns out, there can be too much of a good thing.
Ballet and tap and jazz and flute. Algebra and The Story of the World.
Chess class and Gypsy rehearsals.
And now the ceremonial planting of the peas otherwise known as the beginning of gardening season
then the attempt to wedge in dentist visits and my own yoga and fiber art classes; 
not to mention the dog-sitting and the farrier visits...
between the exceptional and the everyday....

 Sooner than later I'm looking. 

I'm looking high and low for some quiet time.

Sarah and I snuck away to the coast. 
Grace and I had a date at Sweet Life Patisserie.
Salvador and I have driven a million miniature miles on his Cars-themed play rug.
Laura and I planted those peas.
Madeleine and I read The Hunger Games.

I'm knitting while the girls dance.
I'm dancing while the children sleep.

I'm doing too much and I can tell I'm at that point where not just something but everything may give.
Give way.

So I'm looking high and low for that quiet.
Sometimes it's easy, like a spendy coffee on a rainy day or a new novel to read while I wait.

But other times it's more difficult.

What do you do when things are out of balance, to find your equilibrium again?

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