Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holding it together

 I like to use colloquialisms when I am at a loss for words.
 Also I turn to random happy pictures in times of stress.
 All of these from last weekend, when we celebrated Grace's eighth birthday with trips to
Sweet Life, Wildlife Safari and...
 Tolly's. The only 1880s ice cream shop I know.
And, really, why would I need to know another?
The trilliums are just opening here.

Some are broken by the ice and snowstorms we've been experiencing.
Spring, not so sprung.
Me, a bit undone.

This weekend we hosted dear friends for a multiple-kid birthday party.
Heavenly coconut cupcakes I resisted (wheat-free. gah.).
But lasagne was too good to leave alone.

We went to a radical 1980s party for another sweet birthday girl.
The kids looked better than I ever remember looking in the 1980s.

We saw The Hunger Games and it really was as good as the book.

We (the royal we) trenched out the entire backyard
and replaced the water line from pump-house to house-house.
We remembered what a shower is, as opposed to a trickle.

I read a lot of Emily Dickinson.
But it didn't improve my outlook as much as did looking through some happy pictures.

Not so long ago I saw a report that said we, internetbeings, are at risk.
At risk of a form of depression that supposedly springs from
reading (incessantly) about the (maybe trumped-up)
happinesses and successes of others.

Like a year-round Christmas brag letter.

But I beg to differ.

I like the happy.
Post all you like.
I'm reading.
And some days it is holding me up, holding my undone together.


Abbi said...

I hope your week goes well and that things will look up for you!

Looks like you have had some fun times. I am a little jealous of having trilliums blooming! We love trilliums but don't have them very much at all at our current home.

Barb said...

I kind of think we internetbeings are actually more at risk for depression from hearing and seeing the relentless parade of our inhumanity to each other. I'm about to go on a big media diet. I'm starting to come undone.

Margo said...

"internetbeings" - very useful term. and what an interesting study. I wonder a lot about myself on this crazy space. . .

hope you can keep it together even longer than you imagined :)

charlotte said...

I am still will you sew licorice and gum drops ? I suppose Grace will come up with something ? I love your creative expressionisms. YOU ARE FUN NEE HEE HEE> xoxo mom

charlotte said...

egads ! maybe I am a robot? Still, erasing my comment seems harsh, somehow ? xoxo great writing !

charlotte said...

I could use a little help computerizing from MZ WRITE about now...great writing, by the way...