Friday, March 9, 2012

New lens and more perspective

 We have insulation in the new library/attic just in time for the weather to warm up.
... 'course it did snow twice last week.
 Sal on the temporary floor before insulation.
I have no photos post-insulation because I am deathly afraid of fiberglass.
No joke.
Is it blogger, or me?
Seems random but often my pictures show up sideways and then I just want to scream
Because (big surprise from Ms. Technology 1998) 
I don't know how to fix

The house project will take approximately until all five children are through graduate school.
(Latest: We may move the dining room wall eight feet.
The library remains in boxes.
The kitchen ceiling is still that nastysquare(asbestos?)tile stuff.
My bedroom has "art quilts" on the wall because they double as (sshhh!) insulation.)

I don't eat wheat. As of Monday.
Seems to be okay so far.
Until I see some really good artisan bread; you know, it's impossible to resist.
I don't think I'm gluten intolerant.
I just am messing around with my new psoriatic arthritis diagnosis.
Blah blah blah diet changes blah blah blah stress reduction blah blah blah avoid steroids.
(And can I sew 45 leotards before June 3rd? Of course! 
It might take my mind off the joint pain. Right?)

The peas and spinach are up!
My new garden is huge but never been tilled, apparently,
so we will be starting from scratch with raised beds.
On the plus side there exists an established strawberry bed, 
a good row of raspberries and four blueberry bushes.
And a quince!
Also we planted new dwarf pears, cherries and plums..
I will miss our old grapevine so much but there are baby vines here.
A garden is a challenge and adventure of its own.
Two Spot watches me from his stall as I walk under my new old apple trees.
They are huge and out of control.

We don't have visible neighbors here at the new farmsuite.
But we have met a few folks from our road in these cold months.
They seem nice.
In that cup-of-coffee-on-a-walk way.

It is still sometimes lonely, with limited internet and phone reception.
But loneliness and peace are two different sides of the same coin.

And then there's always the near-daily drive to dance lessons if I'm in my head too long.

I don't know how to fix anything.
But I sure like trying.

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CaraDD said...

The church pic is loverly, but where is it? I sure do understand the New Garden Blues...I think in all my gardening years, I have only replanted in the same spot about 3 times. And it wasn't one spot, three years, it was three spots, two years each. :)