Friday, March 4, 2011

Salt dough travels

Madeleine's been spending a lot of time in Mexico.

While Grace is around the world in France.

And Sarah? She thought India would be interesting.
The school year marches on and the 'big girls' have been studying topography, geography, culture and chemistry. We're sewing costumes and practicing recipes for madeleines (a French cookie) curry and fried ice cream. We're very authentic that way.
I love watching each girl's concentration meet with imagination.
I love homeschool.
This week we received the sad news that the rural school across the road from us is closing. We have loved that school, more specifically its teachers and staff and students, for five years despite our decision not to attend. We will miss the tiny red school on the hill. No matter how far we "travel," a little bit of our heart will remain there.


Katie said...

Home school truly is the best. Little red school across the road closing its doors, truly sad.

Alexis said...

Ah, I'm sad to hear about "your" school closing, but in a way I'm delighted that the actual school for your children isn't going anywhere!