Monday, March 28, 2011

Cancel the week

The past two weeks have found us replacing a well pump, dishwasher, water heater, front load washing machine, and oh, hey, by the way, the transformer that feeds electricity into our home.

(While I ramble on about our electrical drama, feast your eyes on a few photos of Gracie and her beloved new doll Samantha from the big bakery birthday. And although six may have been a mix, seven is heaven. At least the first week or so.)
In the middle of all that partying and fear of the house burning down we've enjoyed five ear infections, multiple visits with friends, homeschool spring break complete with a book buying spree, two trips to the movie theater and play dates galore.
The thing is, when you dream about "going off grid" and becoming a real homesteading family, it's easy to forget that hot water is kinda nice.


So is plugging in the Kitchenaid mixer.

So is washing and drying laundry (gasp) indoors.

And in honor of our week of mostly waterless and electricityless "roughing it," I thought I'd let you know that I may be canceling this week to soak in a very, very long and very hot bath.


BLD in MT said...

It sounds like you have more than earned a good, warm soak!

Katie said...

Take it easy, my friend. You deserve it! Have fun picking out your new appliances.

Abbi said...

I hope you enjoy your hot bath!! Ideas of being like a pioneer can be kind of romantic until you realize just all your have to do without. Sorry you had a couple of hard weeks.

Margo said...

ack! glad your sense of humor survived.
hooray for hot water :)