Thursday, July 22, 2010

They are partying

Did I mention that Madeleine and Sarah are at camp for a week?
I miss them. I am fairly sure they don't miss me, although Madeleine's letters will profess otherwise. She is the mom pleaser in this aspect. Sarah will likely fail to write to me at all. That's how much she'll miss me.
They left on that party bus and a couple of days later I stalked them.
No, really.
My good friend KL and I imposed on our good friend Cara's husband to give us the top-secret directions to the girls' hideout. (Or to print a Google map to the camp.) The errand was ostensibly about delivering care packages ... I had forgotten to mail things ahead of time and would hate for the girls to be mailless. After all, as I mentioned, they miss me so terribly.
Even with the aid of insider information we managed to get lost. That was okay, though, because it was beautiful countryside. We saw actual bison and bison babies. Except I called them "buffalo" and they got offended. Did you know it's so totally not okay to call them buffalo? Yeah. Me neither.
And then we saw swans, a real live pair of swans on a gorgeous pond on what was definitely not on the camp's private road. Oops. Sorry 'bout that, nice ranch dwellers there in the close-to-camp but not-camp bajillion-acre spread.
When I'm stalking my daughters, I'm all stealth like that. Disturbing the livestock and trespassing and all.
So then we finally found the camp (right about where the dozens of big "camp" signs were), drove in on the proper private road, delivered the mail and skulked outta there for ice cream with the little children.
Don't tell my big girls but I miss them.

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I like a good laugh in the morning! Thanks!