Monday, June 14, 2010

Three Sisters gardening and then some

The sun came out to play in a big way over the weekend just in time to start our Three Sisters garden. It's been so cold and soggy here that the corn and beans would've molded with any earlier planting.
Sarah and Madeleine and my husband did all the work while the smallest Suites went for a ride with Grandma. That's a good place for them to be when the seeds have to go in the ground in a certain order or pattern. Mr. Suite manned the hoe, the shovel, the wheelbarrow and the tractor.
Still supervising, Jake and I had our duties in the shade. Just close enough to sort seeds and admire the spinach bed. Oh and also to plot out where to put the garden sandbox that Mr. Suite is prepared to build to occupy Grace and Laura when they can't be otherwise engaged during gardening time.

Mr. Suite had to take a minute to baby the asparagus. It's a little out of proportion, how excited I am about those ferny fronds.

I did leave my lawn chair for a while to take some pictures of my big girls with the watering cans. It looks picturesque, but those were full of the fish emulsion fertilizer. Stinky but worth it.

"Vanna" and Madeleine hard at work on our smaller Three Sisters plot. In case you aren't familiar with the Three Sisters, it's an ancient method of interplanting corn, beans and squash. Yesterday I could barely keep the seeds separated, let alone remember the grid. Good thing the girls were on top of this procedure. We planted one bed that's about 10 by 10 and another that's approximately 6 by 6. It should be more than enough corn -- we love corn on the cob but don't really preserve corn in any way. As for the beans and squash, we have other beds dedicated to those alone.
I look forward to sharing pictures as the beanstalks climb the cornstalks and the squash shades the ground all around! I know the little "molehills" of compost look a little underwhelming now, but that's the way it is with gardening. More patience training. It's everywhere I go.

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Katie said...

Just love the little ferny little fronds!