Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a difference a year makes

Laura at her first birthday. Just look at that little dimpled chin, willya?

Not only was the weather different at the coast for this year's birthday jaunt, but we couldn't get Laura to sit for a picture. She wanted to embrace the whole beach.

She was busy, raindrops or no.

All the girls have grown and changed so much in a year. Laura is walking and talking (and talking). She's dressing herself in her own unique style and she is sweetly opinionated on nearly any subject you care to discuss. Mother Goose? Window washing? Naked trees? You bet she has a dissertation on that one. While she's gone from baby to toddler: Grace is reading, Madeleine and Sarah are playing instruments, everyone's jeans and shoes have gone up a size or two.

And they're still the same happy gaggle of girls ready to celebrate. Happy Second Birthday Laura!

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Mokihana said...

Wonderful photos! She is a real cutie!