Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Story problems with no correct answers

1. If three out of four children in a family have doctor appointments on one day, and there is only one parent to attend to those children, and that same parent must of necessity take all four to all three appointments despite the only un-appointed child's being buried in at least 10 books throughout the day, how many arms will that parent need to successfully contain the children? As extra credit, answer how many Nancy Drews and Wimpy Kids that parent can fit in a diaper bag when they are confiscated.

2. If the youngest two out of those four children have three and five immunizations respectively, and if the other two children let that particular secret out early enough to cause general hysteria, how many ice cream cones will the parent need to promise in order to restore relative peace throughout doctor appointment number one for child number two (in which no needles are necessary but one CAT scan is ordered)?

3. If all of the numbers are small enough, does that inversely add up to a larger Margarita when the parent gets home? Are you sure? Even if that parent virtuously passed on the ice cream? (You know I didn't; it's hypothetical.)


TheOneTrueSue said...

I feel your pain. My last solo trip to the pediatrician included an 8 year old, a 7 year old, a screeching infant, and a 5 year old who had to be pulled out from under one of the exam room chairs as he screamed "No shots! No shots! Don't let them shoot me!"

Good times. (ALMOST took up drinking that night.)

Mokihana said...

I never had it that bad, but I sure do feel your pain too!

swallowtail said...

I am smiling. Yes. You are allowed at least one humongous(very large) margarita. Oh Lordy! Good Job, Girl (I really mean that).

QuiltedSimple said... would have to be a triple!