Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Nice

We don't live anywhere near Nice in the literal sense. I think it's in California, although without a quick Google map check I can't be sure. (And even then, with Google maps, who knows.) We drove through this charming town on our way home from my favorite city:

We also don't live near San Francisco, not close enough to have visited since last summer.
But I have my ten thousand two hundred and forty eight pictures to comfort me. And my sense of Nice. As in, nice to be home. (Even when the cabin fever is causing some of my over-abundant head of hair to thin. I'm sure of it.)
So this morning I was putting some split pea soup ingredients into my slow cooker. Who doesn't love a slow cooker? Honestly. And homemade soup at the end of the day? Too good.
Grace Hannah (5) passed through the kitchen and gasped as I emptied half of my canister of dried split peas into the Crockpot along with diced carrots, onions and a ham hock.
"What's for dinner, Mommy?"
"Split pea soup. Yum, yum." Because you know if I don't add that she'll never grasp that some people prefer their legumes without a fuss. And the additional bribes of grated cheese and homemade biscuits and a big glass of fresh milk. Right? EveryMom is with me on this. I'm sure of it.
"Oh, okay." Wait for it. "But when you're out of the peas can you pleasepleaseplease buy more?"
"Of course!" This is the moment when my deranged or at least deluded homemaker self believed she's come to enjoy pea soup or at least to appreciate a well-stocked pantry.
"Oh, good. I need those for gluing to things at craft time."
Welcome to Nice. Where we build bridges to food appreciation in innovative ways every day.


QuiltedSimple said...

oh she is too funny! that is something jessie might come up with

swallowtail said...

hehehe! I knew that was coming! I rememer hating split pea soup, and determined not to torture my kids with it, and now they are making it for thier kids! Figure that one out! I just hated the ham bone floating around in it, and as an adult have enjoyed making it vegitarian. YUM! And yes, homemade bisquits w/tons of delicious butter!