Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When frugal goes too far

So yesterday I saw the bottom of the coffee tin. The ten-pound bag of beans ground, scooped, brewed, tossed on the compost pile, leaving just a rattle of broken beans at the bottom and no trip to TJs or Costco on the horizon.

No problem, says I to myself.

I called my husband at work after brewing a half-pot with the last of the beans. I asked him not to pick up coffee beans but to bring home a few scoops of coffee from the office. Just to get me through until I go to town.

Fantastic! Three pots' worth of grounds came home in a zipper lock bag. (Did my husband re-use this bag? I never would have thought so, but....)

This morning I scooped out enough for a delicious pot of coffee. Filter. Water. On button. Pour my cream and sugar in the cup and anticipate the morning. (Read: tap foot impatiently for first cup to brew.) It's taking too long. Open the lid to check on progress. I do this every morning it seems. Compulsive much?

The grounds were satisfyingly steamy and damp, the coffee dripping into the pot with an aroma I like to think I detected early was... different. Not that I'm a coffee snob (snork). So I opened the lid again for further inspection. And what did I spy? First I thought that offending little lump to be an unground coffee bean.

However. It proved to be a piece of dog kibble. Unmistakable.

Coffee snob signing out, people. Whilst drinking tea and making my grocery list.


Carolyn said...

my husband has on occasion fed dog kibble to my toddler. she loves it. i get mad. he laughs.


i'm glad i don't drink coffee.

Misty said...

Added protein?
too funny.

Barb said...

Made me laugh out loud!

Alexis said...

Oh man, one of those posts that make me glad that I already went to the bathroom!! TOO Funny!!