Thursday, October 8, 2009

The pressure! The pressure! And the sweet life.

Yesterday before dinner I was immersed in the tub and reading a magazine.

Yes, I said a magazine: glossy page after page of unattainable projects (er, inspiration).

Madeleine and Sarah were upstairs practicing clarinet and flute. Grace was using every possible medium from the craft box in creation of a card for Daddy. Laura was playing with her bead track toy on the bathroom floor. How did this happen? A moment of (near) solitude and (absolute) relaxation in the midst of a crazy busy week? It just happened.
All told my bath took 20 minutes but felt like a week at the spa in contrast to the hectic days we've been leading. Hundreds of miles on the Suburban showing property and picking up horse feed and running to lessons and and and....
Let's not forget the grocery store or the never-ending Great Food Preservation Season or my husband's birthday dinner (which, by the way, was salmon and stuffed potatoes with steamed brocolli followed by homemade carrot cake; Rachel, watch out for this farm girl's 30-minute meals).
So my 20-minute time-out was short but sweet. And I'm glad. Prolly like yours, my days are hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Misty said...

it sounds divine... It's funny how my chaos can look so different than yours and yet it's the same time outs that center us.

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep I alllow myself solitude in the tub about twice a week., I wait until the kids go to bed and then I read in the hot sudsy water. All my books are ruined as a result. But books are replaceable. My sanity is not!