Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's like that

I'm fairly certain cherries don't qualify as a protein, but when it's cherry time one cannot be bound to a commitment, dietwise, at least not a commitment which involves no fruit. Can one? I'm only asking for, um, a friend of mine. Yeah, that's it. My friend wants to know.

Down 12.5 pounds. I keep expecting to wake up and have gained it all back. Of course it's been so hot (106 here yesterday and 104 the day before; this is unheard of in our area) and I've been working so much (read: not able to find time to eat in between phone calls) that I'd probably have lost a little even if I hadn't declared war on refined flour and sugar. Right?

And because I just don't have faith in this diet despite its apparent short-term success over the last couple of weeks, it's sort of hard to be proud of myself. I'm not eating any brown rice, which was my main staple for decades. How can I be so carb-intolerant when all the complex carbs I was eating (and to be truthful, to which I plan to return) were so healthy? Why-oh-why.

Tonight I'm having a cold pesto zucchini salad. Yum-yum. Oh, and some cherries.


Suburban Correspondent said...

If I look at a starchy carb, I gain weight. Whole grain, white, makes no difference...

Barb said...

Dude, I'm proud of you!!! Wow! That's huge progress. Me? No progress at all.

Katie said...

Um, so... big cheater!

I thought you were going to "call me out" on the ole' blog today. What gives, eh?


You forgot to mention how your fabulous friend rescued that adorable little bowl from the wrath of: The Lawn Mower Boy. Muwhahahah!

QuiltedSimple said...

ok - I think I'm finally caught up here. I've now laughed my way through your last 7 or 8 posts - you lead an AMAZING life - how do you do it all??????? Whoo hoo on the diet - no way could I give up carbs.....ain't happening. So proud of you!