Monday, July 27, 2009

But then again I had ice cream

Woke up this morning slightly less irritable over the diet.

The scale wasn't down at all, but it wasn't up either. I rationalized that I have been losing steadily for two weeks --10.5 pounds down now.

Then I remembered that I had ice cream yesterday.

Hey, it was 105 degrees outside and we had a three-hour-drive (think Gilligan's Island, first episode) with Laura the Chatterbox (loudmouth would be more alliterative but she is my darling baby after all) and Gracie the Gleeful on our way to drop Madeleine and Sarah with their Tia for a week of fun and games (and me doing all the horse/rabbit/chicken/garden chores. oy).

I earned that ice cream. And so did my hips.

But today it's back on the wagon. How about you?


Katie said...

Dieting doldrums...ha! I had a cheese burger from Carl's Jr. last night.

I think this diet rocks! haha!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I feel like I am climbing back on the wagon every single day. But not today - I'm hosting Bunko tonight, and there are too many goodies.

Barb said...

I MUST begin.

No, really.

Only...well...I haven't.

How is Atkin's and why did you choose it? Do I have to buy and read another dang book to do it or can you shoot me the basics?

I'm jet-lagged. Why isn't that aerobic?