Sunday, July 19, 2009

4H and random empty nest anxiety updates

So what you maybe don't know about the 4H fair is that, during events such as the one shown above, the bleachers are packed with parents, extended family, friends, siblings and major league scouts (just kidding about that one) but the atmosphere is hushed. It's as quiet as the 18th hole at the Masters. No one appears to so much as crunch on a chip.

One thing I love about 4H is the collaborative and community spirit. That's my husband's baby sister Makayla -- a blue ribbon winner! -- on Chance in last weekend's Western Pleasure event. Sorry about the photo but I wasn't about to break out the telephoto (zipping camera bag, clicking lenses) or use the (heaven forbid) flash while she was out there. I'm pretty sure the 4H community would've then collaborated to excuse me from the event.

Somehow even the ordinarily rambunctious Laura caught the quiet vibe at the horse show. Good thing, too, because I would not have liked to carry her out into the hot sun and then chase her around while the events went on.

We try to limit our chasing of Laura. To places like Powell's Bookstore, the library and the park:

Look! They were all engaged in the same activity for a moment. That was nice. Especially since it came to my attention recently that Madeleine will be leaving for college when Laura's in first grade. That was not very nice, people. I can feel the empty nest syndrome working itself up for a good anticipatory cry.

Sarah and Madeleine are home from the next-to-last sleepaway camp of the summer. They had blast: Maddy hit three bulls eyes and Sarah was sorely cheated in the archery rounds (at least the way I'm told the story) by a line judge who couldn't see her bulls eyes. Bulls' eyes? Bulls-eyes? Spelling schmelling, they had a great time with all their new best girlfriends

Yikes! Look at that baby face! She's still clearly my baby. She loves to wash her face. And I love to let her do it. Because? Dimples.

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