Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Up

So we're making up for lost posts.
There's been a lot of tilling and digging going on at Farm Suite. My husband is making a new shade garden. We started it last year on Mother's Day and it's getting bigger and bigger this year. I'm not sure where the quiet contemplative bench I'd envisioned is going to fit in though.
To an already shady area of our small property we've added a dogwood tree, six vine maples, a blue cypress, three rhododendrons, two azaleas and some native groundcovers. We are discovering a lot of cool existing plants in there too, like that bleeding heart and the pink-flowering shrub I featured a week or so ago. The huge native rhodies are getting slow and careful haircuts and lots of water.
The reason I'm not sure there'll be room for my thoughtful bench, though, is that we also planted a large cedar play structure right next door to the shade garden. Because swings and slides and tree forts thrive in the shade as well.

No, way, officer. That building was not there when I started backing up.


Barb said...

Love this. AND I just discovered bleeding heart. AND (!!) I have a dogwood! See? We're just sisters separated by a continent.

Katie said...

I don't live that far and I feel like we are seperated by a continent!! Whaaaaa.

Can't wait to lounge away the hot summer days, in the shade of your loverly garden. :D

Farm Chick Paula said...

The shade garden sounds lovely!
Love the picture... all she needs is a cell phone up to her ear and she'll be on her way!