Friday, May 1, 2009

Farmgirl Friday Strikes Again

Yesterday we had a list of errands and appointments that conspired to keep us in town far, far too long.

The best thing I can say about being stuck in town all day is (thinking, thinking) ... we ran into my father-in-law at the feed store. It was a fun surprise that kept the girls entertained while I shuffled the contents (random accumulated crud) in the waa-aay back of the Suburban so the nice feedstore guys could fit in 500 pounds of grain. I am so glad they stack those suckers for me. And, bonus! When we returned home I was blessed by a chore-begging teenage boy visitor (saving up money I think) who for a mere four bucks hauled all that grain to the barn. Do I lead a charmed life or what? Also I may have a gift for underpaying. I think that's called cheapskate, tightwad, ignorant. But I am a great tipper. Am I dwelling on this point too much out of guilt? Why, yes, I am.

Speaking of guilt, I have a little copy for my dad's website that is calling my name. What with the long-awaited diagnosis, a smidgen of sunshine, a little late-night bookkeeping at the engineering office, a few run-ins with multiplication tables and a dentist appointment or two, this week has flown by with nary a moment for the important. I guess I better get on that.

The worst thing I can say about going to town is that Gracie had her first negative dentist experience. Luckily she now blames the entire thing on the dentist and not on, well, me.

Today I am determined to stay home (and finish the little bit of writing, Dad, truly). We have horses to bathe in the sunshine, more seeds to plant before this weekend's rain, and a friend coming to spend the night with Madeleine and Sarah.

Oh and laundry. There's always the laundry if I get bored.


QuiltedSimple said...

I think I needed that neighbor boy when I had to haul 900 lbs. of grain ingredients out of the back of my durango. I will NEVER figure out how they get it all in there....

life coach said...

Good luck1