Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sometimes Life Is Funny

Sue over at my favorite funny site (I am not saying that so she'll like me and invite me over to a PJ party with s'mores. Really.), Navel Gazing At Its Finest, is putting together a book. This alone is enough to make us take notice. A book of bloggers being funny? Ooh... where can I buy it?

But it's more than that. A lot, lot more. It's a book to help Nie Nie and her lovely family. Here's how to submit.

I also want to say here that sometimes my life is funny, and sometimes it's not. Sometimes I write a bunch of pseudophilosophical stuff and sometimes I post pictures of my kids freaking out at ballet class (high decibels + pink leotards = great photo opportunity and much denial of parentage).

Several years ago my father-in-law was burned terribly in an explosion at his work. To say the very least, he is one of my favorite people ever. I don't want to trivialize in any way that it was a long, painful recovery. But I want to add that with the help of family support, amazing doctors and nurses, and many prayers, he is fully recovered today. Nie Nie's story (and I don't know her at all) could be any one of our stories: A beautiful young blogger mom and dad with a gorgeous, amazing family facing a very difficult time ... they need our help. You can read about their plane crash and the updates on their recovery at this site.

And if you want to help: You can write about it on your blog, to spread the word. You can write something funny to submit to Sue's book. Or, you can buy the book. Or, you can click here to donate. Sometimes we need to do what we can to help one another.


Barb said...

What? What? Your FAVORITE funny site?

I'm wounded.

Well, okay, not really. But I did submit three (count 'em, three) posts to Sue so that she could pick the one with the least suckitude. I'm giving that way.

Glad you are on the bus, too. Because camp is going to be SO FUN!

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

I've been following NieNie's story lately - very touching to say the least. I'm happy to hear that you're putting the word out! Bless ya!

Sue said...

Barb, you're her favorite Funny and Touching site. So really, you span two categories.

Miriam, thanks so much for submitting your story, and for spreading the word. (And who am I kidding, for the compliments. You know I love the compliments :>)

Mrs. G. said...

So many people are rooting for Nie Nie and family-it's heart warming.

Mrs. G. said...

So many people are rooting for Nie Nie and family-it's heart warming.

Agent K said...

I can't believe the things people go through, funny and not.

This is one cause, I am happy to give of my best (or funniest, at least) to.