Monday, September 29, 2008


I remember that certain feeling of being 9, and too big for the ride-on toys, but still wanting to play. Actually I played anyway. That was a great thing about my parents, and in fact my whole childhood: it was okay to be a kid for a long, long time.

I remember this quilt from that sale and oh, how I wish I'd bought it. There's a shopping rule that goes something like, "walk away -- if you still can't live without it tomorrow, go back and get it." Yeah, that rule is stu-pid. Especially with yard sales.

I remember when I wanted a lavender hedge and a white picket fence. And now I know how long it takes to harvest that lavender. Don't tell anyone, but we're making lavender sachets and lavender eye pillows for Christmas.

I remember being that quick to pose for a photo. Grace Hannah steals the show, even at an airshow.

I remember how badly I needed a dark-chocolate-covered glace apricot last week. It's stress reduction in a dried fruit, my friends. I took that picture on my steering wheel. Then I went to Epicurious and learned how to make them. It might be more frugal, but it's not going to be good for my Derfwad Manor-affiliated 5K project. Maybe I'll give chocolate apricots away for Christmas with the lavender (yeah, right). In a related matter, there's a minor 5K update in the sidebar. No new hiney pictures though.

I remember saying that I'm not usually very sneaky. But recently I have been doing a lot of sneaking. I can't seem to help myself walking through the gates of abandoned old church lots and barnyards and... the pictures are worth it!


Katie said...

I love,luf,lurve (har, har, I couldn't help myself) the pic of your house. You should frame it..for me. pfft!

And while you're at it make me some chocolate glace' goodness, whydoncha!??!

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

Aww, beautiful photos! For starters, I OWNED a tractor just like that one. I rode it - maybe even when I was nine.

My uncle from California used to send us all a Christmas gift of apricots dipped in dark chocolate. He would actually order chocolate from abroad - the REAL stuff. There was also other dipped fruits and dipped hazelnuts. Oh my goodness... (If you've got the chocolate, I've got the hazelnuts - by the tree load!)

Also - lavendar is one of my favorites. Strange though, I don't care for the SMELL as much as the LOOK. I'm growing my first lavendar right as we speak :)

Misty said...

I've never had a chocolate dipped apricot... I'm all intrigued now...

love these photos.