Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey, look at that little Jeep road over there. Wouldn't you rather drive over there? (I am struggling mightily not to start in with "the road less traveled.")

If we were driving over there, all those other cars would go away. The blacktop too. Look, isn't that better?
I'm cracking up over here.
In case you didn't click in for a wilderness show:
Today is our first day of homeschool. Ironically we're running to town for a chess class and then gymnastics. I think math and language arts fit somewhere between Mileposts 12 and 28.
On the upside, I went to the school board meeting last night. Wait. Did I say the upside? There may be something wrong with me, going to a school board meeting for a district in which I chose to homeschool. It was a confirmation of everything we've decided, but I'm still left unspeakably sad for our little community and the families who must ride the roller coaster of declining enrollment, difficult teacher recruitment, and the ever-present lack of funding.
Oh! And yesterday we found a Praying Mantis in the back yard. Don't take this wrong, but I thought it was a good sign. Six-Inch Carnivorous Bug With Five Eyes (really! that's true!) Reinforces Rural Mom's Resolve. News at eleven.


Toni said...

Just yesterday I pulled mine out of our virtual charter school, and we are homeschooling it! I already love the free math worksheets online.

Barb said...

So, yesterday, something big happened at my husband's work that could be a very good thing, or it could be a very bad thing. When I got into the car today, Tom Petty sang, "It's good to be King..." and I think I got my answer.

Agent K said...

Oiy! I think I fit somewhere in there between MP 12 and 28. Come on over there aren't any Mantis' at my house.