Friday, June 1, 2012

Taking root

 A few of the leotards I cut and serged (sort of -- still learning my new serger) for the Spring Show.
 The bucket goes up.
 Hummingbirds love columbines. Who knew?

 Catching the bees on their way back home on a cool evening.
 Exploring the countryside near our new farm.
 With some requisite goofing around.
 Our creek is so thoughtful as to have kicked up a huge hollow log for reclining.
 All the men in their coveralls.
That's what a new tractor transmission looks like before it gets dirty in the garden.

I'm still a writer.

I'm just not acting like it at the moment.

It occurs to me that I have at the minimum big(gish) family to feed and clothe and transport and teach, a small farm to weed and water, a (home)school to administer and a self to nurture. And most of the time I forget that these beautiful responsibilities and privileges are time-consuming. I still think I can do it all. This list, the good and the great, is filling and overflowing my cup as of late. And then I realize "of late," this season, has lasted a while. Possibly I need to readjust my expectations. I don't have time to reflect or to notice whether I'm having relocation issues, transition stress, whathaveyou. So if I use this site as a place to throw it all on the proverbial chalkboard for future reflection and dissection, would that be all right with you?

How has life's busy-ness been treating you?

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