Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One year ago today

And today:

I love to read birth stories and birthday stories and, truly, all kinds of love stories. But today I'm a bit wordless, a bit without the means to tell the story of the beautiful boy who turns one year old tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Salvador.


Barb said...

Are you SERIOUS? You can't be. REALLY?? Well, happy birthday, Salvador! (Although I can't really believe you're one!)

Seriously? Already?

CaraDD said...

Happy happy birthday little man. Emily is glad to have such a cute birthday buddy.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Sal!

Miriam, my prescription for you is a hot cup of tea and a whole day of reflection. Be happy friend, its a good day.

no spring chicken said...

You know what they say... A picture's worth a thousand words. You said it all!

Blessings, Debbie

Alana said...

Just beautiful. All of must be glowing with pride. Congratulations!


Margo said...

awww, sweet. sweet photos and post. yes, we are often wordless, aren't we? (even us blogger and yakker sorts!)