Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden of Weedin'

Sweet elderly gardeners everwhere have nothin' on me, I'm telling you. I am so totally tempted to find a gnome or a dozen and pop them in all around my yard between signs that read "Garden of Weedin'" and "Weeds. 5 Cents a Dozen. U-Pick."

On a related note, I have been a very, very good girl. Mr. Suite is exceedingly pleased because I have conquered my longstanding bad habit of leaving piles of weeds to die or dry or take root in pathways until he finally gets sick of the piles and comes along with the wheelbarrow. Bad, bad gardener me has now been officially replaced by the Toys R Us Kid me through the handy acquisition of that garage sale wagon pictured above. I pull it along behind me and fill it with weeds and then one of my actual kids takes the weeds to the chicken yard.

(My children, incidentally, do not dare write their "Rs" backward because their mother is neurotic about mentioning the inanity (and insanity) of that particular branding idiocy every single time we see the sign, or now, how-convenient-is-that, every time they pull my weed wagon. And, why, yes, I did just use multiple parenthetical statements much as a nesting doll, all the while criticizing advertising spelling. Brilliant.)

Ta da!

Cheap garden tool, happy husband, free chicken feed. It's a win-win-win!

How is your gardening season growing?


Abbi said...

A wagon is a handy garden tool! I like to use it to haul plants that are ready to go in the ground.

I actually leave the weeds in the pathway on purpose- but I do put them on top of newspaper and "neatly" (Kind of anyway) spread them out to dry.

Our garden is coming along pretty well. It is all planted now so that is good!

Mama Hen said...

Now that is a great idea! I do the same thing minus the wagon. I try to put mine in a plastic bag and then take the weeds to the chickens. But the little red wagon feels so "homey" and sweet.