Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can see for miles

Oh my word. It's sunny and 70 degrees outside.

The camas are blooming.

The lambs are frolicing.

I can almost hear Maria singing.

(the hills are alive)

It's all too picturesque for blogland.

I hope your day is lovely as well. I'm going to plant something now.


no spring chicken said...

Just lovely. I had the same day here minus the sheep! I'd love to have sheep but they frown on that kind of thing here in the city limits...

Blessings, Debbie

Ei said...

I think we trail you on lovely days by a few...it was 97 degrees here yesterday! Bleh. I was complaining about the cold two weeks ago. Next week we might actually have something resembling spring, I heard.

On Saturday we saw a muskrat and two racoons...no lambs though. I helped friends with their lambs when I was a kid...nothing sweeter than a new lamb.

BLD in MT said...

How lovely! I wish I was there too! It just keeps raining and raining and this Montana gal is NOT used to it. The birds are all soggy at the feeder... Oh well, it will all be really green soon enough I guess!

Margo said...

so pretty. . .what are you planting?

Katie said...

I love the Camas.