Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Again with the daisies and dandelions

I love those little lawn daisies ... you know, the three-inch-high flurry of white that hovers above your lawn just an hour after you mow? (Or is that just my lawn?)

Also the dandelions. A little later in the season the yellow polka dots will dominate my acre or so of grass that pretends to be a lawn. And as an aside, you know you're a country girl when you give serious consideration to just haying your back yard. For horse feed. Or profit. Because hay prices are related to weather and gasoline prices, we're anticipating paying approximately three thousand dollars a ton this summer. Since we are only feeding three horses it shouldn't bankrupt us much.

And speaking of fiscal parasites... I think I have figured out how the ponies can pull their own weight. It makes perfect sense! Work with me here: Gasoline is expensive and so is horse feed. Cars need maintenance but ponies just need love and the occassional hoof filing. So you see, a pony cart is on my wish list. It'll come in handy in case of global financial collapse or my increasingly likely conversion to Plain living.

But back to my lawn "problems."

I just choose to like the lawn daisies and the dandelions. It's a glass-half-full thing for me. Not to mention that they're pretty. I hope you're okay with that.

I also have a much-beloved whirligig clothesline, just erected this past weekend thankyouverymuchhoney, that would be against CC&Rs in most neighborhoods but which fits right in with my glamper and my attractive weeds.


no spring chicken said...

There are ugly weeds and pretty weeds. Weeds that flower are welcome in my lawn! I prefer to be happy with them since it beats the alternative of extra work to get rid of them. I guess I too am a glass half full type.

Personally I think the world would be full of smiles if there were more pony carts and country roads and less motor cars and freeways...

Blessings, Debbie

Miri said...

Oh, me too! Think how every day would be a parade if everyone had pony carts.

Katie said...

The whirygig clothes line! It's the beeeest!

CaraDD said...

My ideal lawn is moss and daisies. Thats all. No grass at all. As for whirly clothes lines, not that Husband is done with his classes, that is the first thing on the honey do list...1)install whirly clothesline.

Gabrielle said...

What pretty daisies...much better than my dandilions. :)
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Margo said...

most "weeds" are pretty when you get close enough. I saw a 5 FOOT tall thistle the other day and the flowers were weirdly beautiful. I love those little grass daisies too. I like your reasoning about a pony!

Amy M said...

This post made me particularly happy. :) Haven't stopped by your blog in far too long. My loss. Thank you again for the R&R (Note forward R's please) at Chez Sisson. You are amazing!