Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank the El Nino for yesterday's fun

I have an embarrassingly slight understanding of weather patterns and may, come gardening time, rue the day of my great joy over our sunny, warm and dry February. El Nino, La Nina, La Pinata, whatever it's called, I love that sunshine!

Yesterday we had finished school when I threw aside all manner of goals and said, "let's go outside!" The girls fought tooth and nail to stay upstairs sorting Laura and Grace's outgrown clothing into "keep," "toss" and "pass on" boxes. (Not really. They beat me to the back door by a mile.)
Madeleine administered the ceremonial hanging of the swings and then seat belts were on but all bets were off.

I sat in an Adirondack chair soaking up sun like the lazy, I mean pregnant, mom that I am.

As for the school part, we started a new Friday routine (called "Funbrain Friday" because I love alliteration and nonsense words). It's likely copyrighted by someone and if so, I'm sorry. On Fridays we practice music and have messy art time and play math and word games. Scrabble and Sodoku for school? That's my kind of Friday!

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Alexis said...

LOVE days like this!! Great pictures too!