Thursday, February 18, 2010

My $1.38 bathroom makeover

Y'all remember, I'm sure, when I turned some oilcloth tablecloths into a shower curtain for a free-to-fab bathroom makeover in the girls' bathroom?

It's nearly a year ago now, but that bathroom's raspberry-red and pink theme is going strong against the taupe background of travertine tile, cherry countertops and fir floors.
About this time of late winter I get a specific itch to paint and sew and make something new out of something old.
So I went fishing around in my husband's shop and found that white cabinet that lived a long-ago life in our 1924 Portland bungalow's teal and butter bathroom. Storage in the girls' bathroom is about like it is in the rest of our 1890s house: nil. So this pop of color and extra storage is just perfect:

I chose a sunny day, or it chose me, and the priming did begin.
But first a trip to the hardware store in a small town near me. A fortuitous find: the can of "oops" paint in raspberry red for $1. Some hardware to hang it (or for my husband to hang it; that glass-and-wood thing is heavy) for another 38 cents.
It gives me something to look at while I consider that I did not finish my quilt top last weekend. Nosiree. In fact I finished just one block of twelve that weekend before coming home to celebrate Valentine's Day with my family. The baby didn't like the sitting required for marathon sewing. Not so much.
Since then I have finished all the blocks in a leisurely manner and ironed them and visited the fabric store for a decidedly less-frugal trip to find border and backing material.
Pictures to follow. Do you have springtime fever projects going? I'd love to hear about them!


Lauren said...

I'm definitely in spring cleaning mode! I'm wanting to decorate, but with three little girls and a baby boy on the way, I don't want to spend any money decorating without tossing some things out, and anything I am doing to decorate, must involve storage!

QuiltedSimple said...

I've been in the clean and redecorate mode the past couple weeks - to the point that nothing is sacred in this house anymore! Our trash haulers are really starting to hate cabinet - it is perfect for a girls bathroom