Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Monday

Our weekend plans:

Friday night birthday party of seven girls ages 9 through 11 (just!). Swim park, homemade individual pizzas, and a movie.

Saturday volleyball tournament of hundreds of girls and boys ages 10 through 12. Knee pads and wrist pads and concession stands.

Sunday of church and naps.

Our actual weekend:

Friday night ice storm. Four sad cancelations and one sweet neighbor (neighbor = within miles and directly related to four-wheel drive as country things go) girl to spend the icy night making pizzas into pepperoni-and-olive cheesy faces, watching movies and blanketing cold ponies. One visit to the local general store for hot chocolate with whipped cream. It's not the water park but it's a celebration in a mug, with a blazing woodstove as accompaniment.

Weather-canceled Saturday tournament then rescheduled in a hurry for 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Some victories, some defeats, some medals of honor for the wrist-weary players.

A Sunday afternoon family trip to the hardware store, the bookstore, the grocery store. (Don't go to the grocery store betwixt an ice storm and Christmas. At least with any plans of seeing your home again before dark. I'm just sayin'.)

It was good, and exhausting, and restorative... just the way I like my December weekends.

How about yours?

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Carolyn said...

We got an ice storm Sunday morning so we sought spiritual enlightenment by decorating the tree instead of going to church. It was a nice day.