Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A happier, fluffier time ... and there were more eggs

There were requests for pictures of my poor molting birds.

Frankly just looking at a motley group of wacked-out feathers and chicken skin got me a little depressed. So I first had to post some snaps of the younger girls in their full-feathered fluffy glory.
Ah, the foof and arrogance of youth.

The sneaking around after preening for the cocksure boys. Wait. Is that a rooster reference? 'Cause that's how I meant it.

But look. Look at the inevitable end of all that vanity.

Just look, willya?

I hope the requested molting pictures are what you wanted. I for one feel a little older, a little less fluffy and a whole lot less fertile.
What's up with that?


Carolyn said...

I think my feathers fell out after I had my last baby...and they haven't grown back yet.

Poor chickens.

swallowtail said...

oohhh! Us poor girls!!! What more can I say? I am still giggling... that last photo is hilarious. Guess we shouldn't laugh at their expense, but hay, laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for showing us pure molt!