Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dixie update

I know y'all have been dying to know how my birthday kitten is faring. Well. She does a lot of studying.
...And guarding of stuffed animals. It's a big job because the girls have a surplus of stuffies. Dixie feels particularly protective of Laura's oft-washed orange kitty.

She's pretty good at her appointed tasks. And like most cats of greatness, she's a tad on the self-important, self-confident side.
But as long as she deigns to help with homework, snuggle at naptime, play with the odd sock and hair tie... as long as she keeps up with her duties, she's got a lot of leeway for self-indulgence.


Carolyn said...

Stripey shirt + grey kitten = perfect picture.

Misty said...

cute... you've described a cat perfectly.

Barb said...

Look! She has Edward's eyes! I knew he had Main Coon in him!