Monday, September 28, 2009

Ready or not

We hit a season low at Farm Suite overnight. Thirty-six degrees.

I'm not ready!

This autumn I have reorganized (the "re" part maybe not so much... but hey, we've lived here only three years) my kitchen cupboards and pantry shelves. My husband defrosted our big freezer (whyohwhy do I still have a frosty freezer?) and I organized that too.

There's not much garden cleanup to do since most of the flowerbeds succumbed to the Big Drought already. The summer vegetables I nursed carefully with buckets of water are likely done now. It's still dark outside so I'll have to check later.

I'm sure the winter veggies are fine. Except for the chard that the deer grazed. I have a new attitude toward this: Share and share alike. Too bad the deer don't seem to "share" my thoughts on the matter.

I think my usual attitude about the changing of the season is positive. I think. After all, I love to spend rainy days inside folding laundry and reading. Not necessarily in that order. I love the way our Oregon landscape is orangy rain forest in the fall.

There are lots of things to be happy about with the passing of the summer. But change caught me unaware this year. Sort of like the grasshopper enjoying her sunbathing while the ants prepared for winter.


Katie said...

haha! great minds think alike!

Barb said...

Me, too. Feeling a little out of sorts and unprepared and lacking the energy to do much about it.