Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Honestly it's half empty

Don't give me any of that mumbo-jumbo about the sunny side of the street, the glass is half full, the grass is always greener (okay, maybe that one's true).

I read yesterday an AP story in which it's predicted that the economy will recover in the next nine months, indeed has begun recovering, but that consumers may not begin to act differently for decades.

No shirley Sherlock.

I think this predicted reluctance to return to our spending ways may be because consumers have recognized our greed and Westernized sense of uber-entitlement and sent those qualities (a-hem) to a good long time-out (if not the sweat box it belongs in). These "consumers" are overfed, overfull and overly exhausted of being defined by how much they do or do not purchase at Home Depot on any given weekend.


Misty said...


Katie said...

Decades?? Really? That is impressive.

If I had know the economy was recovering I totally would have gone shopping. LOL!

QuiltedSimple said...

Too true. Amen for good changes.