Monday, August 24, 2009

Sideways like that


If I were to upload that photo one more time in an effort to get it to NOT be sideways, I think the little wires and etherwhatever that transmit all the intergook would just disintegrate. Disintegrate, y'all. As in "fail to integrate."

Which is pretty much where I am for the moment.
The septic tank is fixed and thus we can flush that worry away. The well is producing enough water to shower. Well, to be precise, it's adequate water to bathe half of our family per day. It's putting a crimp in the girls' style. Not. In fact one of our children announced she wanted to set a record. A personal worst, as it happened. A record for number of days not showered. Ew.
Real estate is booming in case you didn't notice. Or at least I'm working the hours as though it were. It seems to take the work of ten deals to cause one to close these days. Underwriters and appraisers and general everyday folk alike are cautious and prone to reverse their decisions. Realtors are prone to shave their heads and go into mourning over the fruitless time spent away from their families. (Just kidding about that last one.)
We had a little round of the flu go through the Suite clan. It fell at the best possible time. Of course. It's always a good time to have one's limbs too heavy to move when one's children need to be carried up the stairs and served extra PediaPops in the middle of the night. Let me know when it's not a good time for that. Especially when the well is not able to support enough bleach loads to clean all the household bedding in one night.
But hey! We rescued a chicken last week. The poor little leghorn was reportedly "charging" people at the village store all last Monday. So of course the clerk (the store owner's grandaughter-in-law and a lovely dental-hygienist-in-training) called up to Farm Suite, where we'll take in all manner of three-legged cats and apparently loco chickens.
The girls named her Tallulah for her spirit. She's a gorgeous little girl who wasn't "charging" at all. It appears she is a lost or abandoned pet because she will leap into your arms like a lap dog seeking a cuddle. After a few days inside a chicken cage inside the henhouse (to help the others get used to her without the typical "pecking order" fights), she is one of our regular flock now, laying an egg a day.
I have been reading about everyone's back to school anticipations, and in a few cases your children are already back at it! This has me freaked out. I mean, inspired to get my homeschool act together.
And. On another up note (and I do mean up) I am back on the diet. My total loss is 14 pounds. I spent the last week on a "maintenance" phase in which I still had to weigh every day but couldn't "diet" and "shouldn't" lose weight. It's all too complicated for little (hah) ol' me. But now I'm back on all protein, all the time. Watch out for flying egg whites and falling scales. Or something like that.
How was your weekend?


Misty said...

sounds like things are shipping into shape. your chicken sounds lovely... sweet that someone would have her a snuggle pet but a little sad that they'd just leave her. :( poor thing.

QuiltedSimple said...

I love the photo - sideways and all. Glad to hear your septic is working and your well is recovering