Monday, April 13, 2009

I Keep Hoping

The universal mother hope? A photo in which everyone is smiling, no one is pulling anyone's hair. No one's dress is caught in her undies and no one else is picking her petite nostril. It's what keeps me going. The hope.


Farm Chick Paula said...

It never hurts to dream.
And dream big.

HP said...

I hear ya sister. You should see my attempt at a decent Easter pic...and I only have 2 little rascals!

QuiltedSimple said...

Keep dreaming......and if you find the cure, let me know, will you?
Cute pics nonetheless

gina said...

I gave up that hope years ago.. I just try to get a great shot to torture the girls now. lol.

gina said...

ps. I love their ribbons and bows- and Shaye would call that top pic "My furious pose" or as ANTM would say- those girls are "fierce". ;)