Monday, March 30, 2009

Toys 'R' Us or Spring Cleaning, Suite Style

To tell the truth, we're not doing any spring cleaning around here. Any. The laundry, dishes, laundry, animals, laundry, children, laundry list is just too comprehensive and frankly it distracts me from sewing the girls' Easter dresses.
But today Laura and I cleaned out the couch cushions. Mind you, this isn't the couch from the no-holds-barred den. This is the living room couch, and it's as formal as we get in the Suite. There's no eating on the living room couch (except after the wee ones are in bed, when I break out the brie and ... no, just kidding!) or else there'd be sure to be some Cheerios in the mix.
For the record, we found: eight Lego blocks, one vintage Fisher Price Little Person, a toddler spoon, a barrette, one Domino, a hair ribbon, a hat and a Polly Pocket blouse. (Is it a blouse if it's elasticy plastic and fits your average pinky finger?)
This brings me back to a point. I'm not sure what that point is. Maybe I'll find it under the den's couch cushions.
Oh! Yeah! Spring cleaning is overrated. Playing is much more fun. It was a beautiful, 60 degree and sunny day at our little farmstead. The chickens even managed to find some dust to give themselves a bath. The horses rolled in the mud. The girls and I played with stickers and I baked some bread and we left the front door open for the perfect breeze. The laundry piled up on the den couch (surely adding a few runaway socks to the cushion cracks) and a flock of doves landed in the front yard.
Madeleine hauled her jump rope and a bouncy ball and the Breyer horse barn out to the front yard. We washed the wool blankets and dried them on the line. What a perfect way to avoid spring cleaning. I wonder what other ways I can do that?


HP said...

I am with you, laundry is for rainy days! Also, it is amazing what you will find in the couch cushions.
P.S. Lets see those fairy dresses.

QuiltedSimple said...

Yes, spring cleaning is WAY overrated. Gives me headaches just thinking about it, so I don't....

Barb said...

But it sort of sounds like you DID some spring cleaning, only maybe you forgot to notice... clean blankets and at least one clean couch counts in my book.

Dirty livestock may even the whole thing out, though.

Katie said...

Love Barb's comment, I was thinking the same thing... :D

Farm Chick Paula said...

If only that could have been money you found in the couch.... *sigh*'d be a rich woman!