Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicks and Bread and Butter Oh My

A quick stop at the feed store is never as simple as it sounds.

Cuddly little creature. We bought Americaunas, the "Easter Egg" chickens that lay blue and green eggs. They are living in the laundry room currently. Do you spy the baby hand creeping into the picture? Laura is in love with the chicks. She calls them "brrds" and talks to them and sneaks up on their crate whenever we're not paying attention.

Sarah made some banana bread while I made the whole wheat yeast bread. She has been feeling a little better but has strict instructions from the doctor not to get rowdy. I wish he'd included sassiness in his list of "do nots." (As we were leaving I heard her whisper ever-so-quietly that he's "not the boss" of her. Ah, but I am, I answered.)
Last week she had three birthday party invitations. She went to the first but promptly fell off a teeter totter and chipped a tooth. Her equilibrium, white blood cell count and energy are all low, but her sense of humor is unaffected by whatever's going on.
So we visited the dentist and the doctor on Friday. One fixed tooth, a few more tests, another appointment for Monday, and a prohibition on further partying as her heart rate -- and impish grin -- are easily affected by girlish party antics.
So we sent our apologies to birthdays two and three. Katie's daughter Fern was so sweet as to visit our home with daffodils and news of her party's postponement until Sarah is feeling better.

The weekend has been full of quiet country drives and bread baking. Bread baking is meditative and exactly what the doctor ordered for me.
Then we made butter! And a huge mess. Note to self: Buy a splatter guard for the Kitchenaid mixer. Butter churning 21st Century style? Not so meditative. But delicious nonetheless.
Thank you to all who are praying for Sarah. We'll update here as soon as we know more.


Katie said...

Ah, the farmishness of it all...

Carolyn said...

ohhh those chickies sound fun.

HP said...

shh. don't tell I am getting 4 chicks to add to my backyard barnyard. still praying for sarah.

QuiltedSimple said...

love the chicks - I'd love to get more but....will wait and see. Glad to hear Sarah is doing well!

Barb said...

Praying and more praying. How much do we love Katie for postponing her daughter's party until Sarah feels better? Which needs to be soon or I'm going to have to come out there! (You know how I get when I diet.)

Misty said...

weekends should be full of country drives and the smell of baking breads!

Farm Chick Paula said...

*sigh* I love chickies....
Yes, the splatter guard was a definite purchase for me, after I sent batter sailing throught the air with my KitchenAid... I had NO IDEA that sucker would spin that fast!