Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Egg

All I can say is... that poor hen.

Grace outgrew her favorite jeans. We got a little flirty and added a ruffle.

Turning compost. Check out the rubber boots.

Scratching around for something good to eat.

Seven eggs a day!

What more can I say about that?

The couch didn't see much of us this past weekend.
We partied with friends in a pre-Oscar extravaganza. We worked outside. We cleaned inside. We returned to the week ready to rest up from the weekend.


Katie said...

That giant egg is amazing! (And for anyone else reading Miri is getting 7 eggs a day out of FOUR, yes 4, hens.) All I wanna know is, what are you feeding those girls? :)

Misty said...

well it certainly sounds like things are well over on your farm... I could use some happy peace to rub off on me, shall i come organize now? :)

Alexis said...

LOVE the photos... we've got one giant-egg laying hen right now. She's one of the smaller hens too, I'm not sure how she does it!

HP said...

oh my. I miss those double yokers. wait how are you getting 7 eggs from for hens? that rooster of yours must be feisty.

HP said...

for means four, but you knew that.

QuiltedSimple said...

About once a week we get a double yolker - the kids fight over who gets them. And what are you feeding your hens?????? Looks like a wonderful few days you have had!