Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Matching! And Organizing! Concentration!

Remember that game you used to play with your mom and dad's cards? Concentration is what we called it. My brother and I would spread all 62 (64? I can't remember. Challenge me to any card game and you will win. Except maybe concentration. I'm so good at that. Except this long parenthetical proves otherwise. Who's counting?)... anyway, my brother and I would spread out the whole deck, upside down, in a perfect grid on the floor.

I was a little particular about the grid and its spacing. My brother, nearly three years younger, just wanted to slap 'em down and get on with the game. Brothers. It was always a stretch, literally, to organize the middle just right so the grid looked more or less orderly. This would be important later, when mentally photographing the split-second overturning of a card to find a match.

My brother is a chemical engineer. He's all slapdash and "whatever," clearly, to this day. Me? I'm a (mostly) stay-at-home mom with a blog. Which one of us was paying attention in the big concentration game of life, I'll never tell.

Oh! The REASON for this post?

I have decided to get more organized in the New Year. How novel! you say. Feel free to leave me tips in the comment section. Or hire me a personal organizer. Either one.

Because this is not the first time it has crossed my mind, I have a few (dozen) books and torn-out magazine articles on the subject. All over my office floor. Plus (bonus!) all the new magazines have refresher courses for me.

It occurs to me that one's entire house, indeed, life, should not be a huge game of Concentration. One (that one being me) should not have to close one's eyes and picture where they left their keys, underwear, smallest child. One should decidedly not have to overturn any playing cards to find any of those items. Puh-lease.

So I decided to start the big effort, yesterday, with a shopping trip. What did I buy? Certainly not clever lined baskets or totes or filing cabinets or even bookcases. I bought bras and underwear, people.

I bought five new bras, none of them flesh-toned or nursing-capable, and two pairs of panties to match each bra. The angels of organization are singing as I type that. Can you hear them?

Now, this very morning, I shall attack the organization monster with a vengeance. Clearly I am girded for the chore.

(First stop: Throw away all nursing bras and maternity panties and tidily arrange my new lingerie drawer. Next: Cup of coffee and self-congratulations. Finally: Peruse more magazines to plan the whole attack. Disintegrate into overwhelm. More coffee. Keep you posted.)


Misty said...

need i point out that EVERY big effort shouldn't likely begin with a shopping trip- however mine usually do. :(
I live under the weight of consumer guilt.
However, my word of advice to you is- if you MUST shop organization- Shop IKEA.
My second word of advice is- hire me. Organization runs deep in my blood. I live to organize. So much so, that my husband claims living with me is like residing with the bad husband in Julia Roberts slightly scary movie "Sleeping with the Enemy." hmm.

Katie said...

Well your are certainly girdled for the task at least...

Congrats on the new chonies!

HonuGirl said...

Many good wishes and positive chants of "you-CAN-do-it" ... baby steps before flying (or something like that from

I so LOVE the idea of pre-org shopping -- I can start there with you... then get distracted after girdin' up (pun??) -- ooh look, how pretty!

Huh? organize what? me? huh-uh.

Barb said...

Well, I've got you beat because I made it to the "disintegrate into overwhelm" without going shopping or throwing anything out. I got there just by THINKING of all I need to do.

I'm going to start by just putting the gift wrap away and see where that leads...

Melanie said...

Oh, wow.. I sure could use some organization around my house. My issue is always time.. oh.. and sometimes motivation. :O

Anyways... I love your blog! Thanks so much for visiting me a couple of weeks ago for WFW!

Lori said...

lolol - when you said you bought the new bras i immediately thought "but did you throw the *old* ones *away*!" .. see? i can empathize. ;^)

happy new year! i'm cleaning and organizing, too...