Monday, December 15, 2008

From the Front Lines



Toilet tank frozen.

This is not a recording.

If this were not an actual emergency, I'd have more time to blog about it.


It's really cold here. Note to Floridians: Eleven degrees is not as cute as 30.

It's all cuter on the Discovery Channel than in real life.

Bread pudding only keeps you warm for a minute.

Why-oh-why did we give up satellite TV? Also, why is there no heater in our downstairs bath?


Anonymous said...


Ei said...

And 3 degrees isn't cute at all. Hugs, my dear. No wait...come back here...THAT WASN'T A COMFORT HUG IT WAS A WARMTH HUG...COME BACK!

LOL...ok, I first typed "COME BAKE!" which sort of works too.

Katie said...

brrrrr....teeth shattering...knee knocking...coldddd....CRIKEY!

IT'S butt crack cold girlfriend!

Amydeanne said...

ahh yes.. i hear you... it's -40something here with the wind.. not much fun! it could be worse right? your kids be using the toilet to try and skate on?